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We cannot continue production, since the machine is defective! Using a fire extinguisher to remedy sudden malfunctions is yesterday’s solution. Today, however, there is proactive, intelligent machine management with FAG SmartCheck – the Condition Monitoring solution for your system. Precise and timely information provides you with cost and performance benefits. Use FAG SmartCheck to optimize your productivity!

Industrie 4.0

Networked with Industrie 4.0 via Condition Monitoring

Intelligent sensors and rolling bearings can be used to record important key values for a machine or system and communicate them to the control system. Independent machine monitoring makes it possible to automate sequences and detect deviations from the target situation early on.

Thanks to Condition Monitoring, you profit from ongoing condition monitoring of your machines and systems. As the operator, you continuously receive information on whether your system is running optimally.

Our solutions

Condition Monitoring solutions from Schaeffler

Of the methods used for this, vibration diagnostics is the main one for detecting machine damages in a timely manner. Unbalance and misalignment can be identified just as easily as rolling bearing damage and interlinking defects.

Rolling bearing temperature, hydraulic oil purity, and electric motor power consumption: These are three of the many parameters that can be recorded by the Condition Monitoring system. They close the control circuit ensuring that the drives function continuously, and therefore that the machines and systems do as well. Abnormalities are detected early on, and the user can react proactively before they result in machine standstill and production failures.

Additional parameters, such as temperature, lubrication status, or the number of wear particles in the lubrication oil, are added in other development steps. Depending on what the customer wants, Schaeffler offers many methods for collecting this data – both offline as well as online.

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Areas of application

FAG SmartCheck in operation:

For example, FAG SmartCheck is suitable for the early detection of rolling bearing damage, unbalance, and misalignment:

✔ Electric and gear motors

✔ Separators and decanters

✔ Spindles and machine tools

✔ Gearboxes and compressors

✔ Fans and blowers

✔ Vacuum and liquid pumps

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