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Customer: Providers of industrial centrifuges – worldwide

The customer is a leading, internationally active manufacturer of industrial centrifuges, with sales and service centers around the world.

The challenge for Schaeffler

Monitoring solution for reliable remote maintenance

Increasing the availability of decanters, optimizing the ability to plan repair work

Decanters are used wherever liquids are separated or clarified
. Malfunctions in systems are frequently caused by unbalance in a
screw or drum. In general, however, unbalance can only
be remedied by a technician if it has been caused by the
drum. In this application, it is also referred to as pending unbalance
between the screw and drum, which measuring systems often cannot identify.
The decanter manufacturer therefore looked for a monitoring solution
that it would be able to use for reliably scanning this source of damage, if need be even from a distance.
The goal was to increase the availability of the decanters and
optimize the ability to plan repair work.

Technical information on the decanters

  • Vapor-proof, with hinged cover
  • Protected positioning of supply cables
All product contact parts are made of rust-free and acid-resistant stainless steels.
Centrate derivation
On infinitely adjustable peeling disks
or free overflow in operation
The Schaeffler solution

Compact and powerful online measuring system

Precise damage detection at slow speeds

With FAG SmartCheck, Schaeffler presents the customer with an extremely compact
and powerful online measuring system. To monitor the vibrations,
a FAG SmartCheck unit was mounted on the bearing block on the inlet and drive sides,
and the decanter was run at different differential speeds in
empty and filled condition. Already at a differential speed of
only one revolution per minute, the measuring system easily detected whether the
unbalance was caused by the screw or the drum.

Technical information on the solution

Monitoring system used
FAG SmartCheck
Vibration sensor used
High-resolution piezo sensor
Operating parameters monitored
  • Bearing temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Speed
  • Load
Diagnostic method

  • Time signal
  • Envelope curve
  • Speed and frequency entrainment
  • Spectrum and trend analysis
Other options
  • Integration into the control station or control system
  • Remote monitoring
Profit for the customer

Reliable identification of unbalance in a coil and drum

Precise planning for repair work

In addition to rolling bearing monitoring, the measuring system makes it possible
to match the two types of unbalance to the coil and drum as a special benefit.
This needs to be particularly stressed, since something like this has so far only been able to be reliably identified with very few systems –
usually ones that are much more expensive.

Special project features

Easy-to-operate system

Also used for separators, compressors, or pumps

In addition to its reliable and highly precise monitoring,
FAG SmartCheck is also convincing thanks to its simple operation and maintenance. Other applications that can be monitored by FAG SmartCheck

  • separators
  • compressors
  • pumps
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