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Customer: Schorch Elektrische Maschinen und Antriebe GmbH, Mönchengladbach

Schorch provides modern asynchronous machines for the oil and gas industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, energy production, water management, shipbuilding, etc.

The challenge for Schaeffler

Preventing electric motor failures, such as those due to bearing defects

More planning security and cost savings

Electric motor defects that are evident from increased noises and vibrations
are frequently attributable to bearing defects or electrical influences.
These defects can lead to motor failure. As a manufacturer of high-
quality electric motors, Schorch wants to avoid all unplanned standstills and
failures involving its electric motors. That is why the company
decided to employ continuous vibration measuring as a means to achieve condition-oriented
machine diagnostics. In addition, other parameters
such as temperature fluctuations in and around the motor should also be included in the overall

Schorch product portfolio

  • Three-phase motors
  • Standard motors
  • High-voltage motors up to 25 MW
  • Explosion-proof motors
  • Pole-changeable motors
  • Slip ring motors
  • High-speed drives
The Schaeffler solution

Attractive price-performance ratio

Measuring and analyzing numerous process parameters: Temperature, load, speed

FAG SmartCheck meets Schorch’s every demand. Its
attractive price-performance ratio makes it possible for the first time to equip many machines
without sacrificing cost-effectiveness and quality. With this
high-capacity system, other process parameters besides vibration data,
such as temperature, load, and speed, can also be recorded
for multiple years and correlated with one another. This broad
information basis makes it possible to make comprehensive statements about the machine condition that
are not possible with “isolated” monitoring systems.

Technical information on the solution

Monitoring system used
FAG SmartCheck
Vibration sensor used
High-resolution piezo sensor
Operating parameters monitored
  • Bearing temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Speed
  • Load
Diagnostic method
  • Time signal
  • Envelope curve
  • Speed and frequency entrainment
  • Spectrum and trend analysis

Profit for the customer

Added value for the customer and the company, product development

State-of-the-art technology

FAG SmartCheck supplements the high quality standard that Schorch demands for its
products and services. End customers expect electrical motors from Schorch
that offer maximum availability and a long operating life. FAG SmartCheck
provides a valuable contribution in this area.

Special project features

Expandable modular system

Service cost savings for the manufacturer and customer

FAG SmartCheck is a flexible and modular system. This leads to new
opportunities, both for Schorch in after-sales as well as for
the end customer who uses the system. The recorded
data can be made available worldwide via the Ethernet interface directly on FAG SmartCheck or
by means of remote access. This results in savings
in service costs for the manufacturer and customer. In addition to direct access,
the end customer also has the possibility to integrate the system into its control system
and thus to centrally bundle all of the
information. Other applications that can be monitored with FAG SmartCheck
include the following:

  • pumps
  • fans
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