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Customer: REINTJES GmbH, Hameln

REINTJES GmbH is a globally active, independent company in the field of drive technology.

Special project features

Capable of improvement!

Further options for accident prevention
The solution presented here can be transferred to other marine gearboxes and units, and it is also possible to use multiple FAG SmartChecks – depending on the size. Vibration monitoring is only one building block in the extensive Schaeffler range for this industry. Depending on the application, other services such as video endoscopy or oil monitoring can be utilized as well.

Challenges for Schaeffler

FAG SmartCheck performance capacity in testing

Continuous Availability Saves Lives!
REINTJES considered including FAG SmartCheck in its portfolio of afterSales products for marine gearboxes. In order to be convinced as to the capability of the compact monitoring system, a pilot project was carried out on a sea rescue cruiser of the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS). Since the ships of the DGzRS are used for rescuing people and saving ships in dangerous situations, constant availability is of the utmost importance. The test was also intended to show whether the weather conditions of different seasons had an effect on the gearbox vibrations.

Technical information on the gearbox

Marine gearbox
WVS 440
990 kW
Motor speed
1,900 rpm
Propeller speed
935 rpm
The Schaeffler Solution

Better steering thanks to vibration data

Accident prevention through early detection
For the early detection of any unusual vibrations, REINTJES technicians installed an FAG SmartCheck on the gearbox of the seas rescue cruiser. It recorded all vibration data within the test period of twelve months. An LED lamp on the device directly informed the crew on board about abnormalities in vibration behavior.

The data gathered was regularly read out manually by REINTJES technicians on FAG SmartCheck and sent via Internet for subsequent analysis by Schaeffler.

Technical Information for the Solution

Monitoring System
FAG SmartCheck
Vibration sensor
High-resolution piezo sensor
Monitored operating parameters
Bearing temperature
Diagnostic methods
  • Time signal
  • Envelope curve
  • Speed and frequency entrainment
  • Spectrum and trend analysis
Profit for the customers

Reliability through real-time monitoring and analysis – predictive maintenance

By using FAG SmartCheck, the crew was constantly informed about the condition of the gearbox. The reliability of the ship has top priority in the case of distress at sea and can mean the difference between life and death.
Nothing conspicuous was detected on the gearbox during the test period, and even the different weather conditions showed no influence on the vibrations occurring in the gearbox.

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