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FAG SmartCheck

As a flexible solution, FAG SmartCheck adjusts to your every need and dependably satisfies even complex requirements. You can get started very simply by monitoring a single unit. If the number of units requiring monitoring increases, they can be integrated into the system without difficulty. Easy to transfer and extend to multiple machines without changing technology.

Your FAG SmartCheck starter kit

Choose a truly comfortable system to provide condition monitoring for your systems.

✔ Easy to install, immediately ready for use

✔ Preinstalled monitoring configurations

✔ Component templates provided, direct wiring

✔ Online-based system configuration and data display

✔ Monitoring configuration able to be expanded with process parameters

✔ Monitoring function able to be extended to multiple units

Service makes a difference!

Profit from our complete service package for comprehensive machine diagnostics and rolling bearings: Consultation, initial operation, remote service, training, rolling bearing solutions, and much more

✔ Establishing measuring points, defining reference measurements

✔ Direct link to the Schaeffler monitoring center

✔ Actual and target statuses analyzed via remote monitoring

✔ System maintenance, archiving and management of measuring data

✔ Troubleshooting in case of abnormalities and machine failure

✔ Shared analysis and optimization of the machine condition

Convincing application examples!

What makes an example a best practice solution?
Simple installation, successful use, and therefore improved machine status through exact analysis data?

Compact monitoring system on the high seas

REINTJES GmbH is a globally active, independent company in the field of drive technology.

Real-time monitoring for electric motors

Schorch provides modern asynchronous motors for the oil and gas industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, energy production, water management, shipbuilding, etc.

Preventive status monitoring in the sewage treatment plant

The sewage treatment plant of the municipal utilities of Rotenburg an der Fulda is designed for a load of 34,000 inhabitants (size class 4) and serves around 20,000 people.

Reliable damage diagnostics despite pending unbalance

The customer is a leading, internationally active manufacturer of industrial centrifuges, with sales and service centers around the globe.

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